It was a memorable day as the Editorial CDS group of Batch A Corp members organized a first of its kind Creative writing seminar for students across several public and private schools in Kano.
The event which took place at School of Arabic Studies Kano was graced by several dignatories amongst which Dr. Bala Muhammad and a number of young excellent writers.

Participants were drawn from the 9 schools in attendance. They were; Ar Raihan International school, Flora international school, Citadel international school, Muhammed Vice International school, Millenium Model school, First grade international school, Sahib science Academy, AB Reward international school and School of Arabic studies.

Upon the commencement of the event, the President of Educational development CDS Musa Yunus made it known that the event was inspired by the need for secondary students to inculcate the culture of writing. He made mention that the initiative aims at inspiring burgeoning writers in school in Kano through appropriate showcasing of their write ups. Citing examples of youngsters who have written meaning works of literature in Niger state, Musa noted that he has the strong believe that the students in Kano can even do better and get to an enviable state.

An interesting part of his speech was the reinforcement of the commitment by the CDS to ensure that the top ranking write-ups from the students will be printed in the daily trust newspaper. A thought which was also echoed by Dr. Bala Muhammad.

Speaking with the schedule officer of the group Mr. Gwadabe, he pointed out that the ‘Reach out to a child’ initiative is a novelty meant to inspire students to develop a zeal for writing literary materials such as poems, prose, drama and all kinds of fictive and non-fictive writing.
The chairman and leading judge of the event, Dr. Bala Muhammad in his speech lauded the effort of the CDS group saying it was worth emulating by others. Having opined this, he went to give thoughtful advise to the students saying they must first develop their love for reading as this will help widen their horizon and consequently make them insightful and writers.
He gave an example of himself as young lad who had a strong love for reading stating that he was able to exhaust all books in the primary section of the Kano Library as a young boy.
After speeches, the students were subsequently grouped under specific writers available at the event for monitoring with Dr. Bala as the lead supervisor.

In the end, a plethora of written materials were collected from the students to the delight of the judges and other dignitaries present. The writings will be marked and the winners announced before the end of the year.


Click on reach-out-to-a-child-newest (doc)  for images.

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