NYSC FC Kano stands their ground against Nigerian Airforce (NAF) Kano

It was a beautiful evening at the Nigerian Airforce Base pitch, Kano state, with over fifty spectators in attendance to view the match between Nigerian Airforce (NAF) FC and the NYSC football team. The friendly encounter was expected to be a thriller with both sides playing for pride.


NYSC FC Kano prepp for the match. 

The NYSC team kicked-off the match at 4:50pm Nigerian time with the visitors making the first few attempts on goal. Danjuma made an early attempt for the NYSC team by shooting wide at goal while Christian dazzled with the ball shortly afterwards by dribbling past two NAF players. The visitors where calm and showed a comfortable possession of the ball which paid-off in the 18th minute as they took the lead through Tarnum Kelvin’s well placed shot. The game became balanced afterwards as NAF FC made some goal attempts in a bid to draw level before half time. The half time whistle went at 5:30pm and the NYSC team went into the break with a 1-0 lead.

The second half started at 5:40pm and Emmanuel came off the bench to replace Christian for the NYSC team shortly after the break. Both teams had their chances but could not covert them until NAF FC found the back of the net in the 68th minute through Aisher in what seemed to be controversial. The decision of the referee was questioned severally by the spectators who felt he was taking side. The earlier interesting game later saw the NYSC team playing against one more man on the pitch. The NYSC team came close to sealing the game in the 73rd minute when a player picked up a loose ball but played it over the cross bar.


The match ended 1-1 at 6:20pm and players of both teams stayed back on the pitch to participate in the mannequinn challenge. The NYSC team captain, Musa Ayuba, in an interview shortly after the match said that his expectation before the game was to play a fair and safe game. He further stated that the match was a warm up to keep the team fit and prepared for the NYSC zonal games. He concluded by thanking members of the Editorial team for their presence at the event and urged fellow corps members to show support by always coming to watch them play and by building confidence in the team.


You can check our instagram handle @kano_kofa for videos. Thanks for reading and sharing. 



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