Bumps and Grinds

Fred had not spent two days in PH city when we started having challenges. I for one love communicating and talking even about the ant that carried sugar past me while the housefly was taunting it.
After a long hard day, I would want to talk, he would pick up the call, tell me he’s in a meeting or engaged in a business deal and would call back soon. I’m very understanding o, I’ll let him be.
The first night, I waited and waited and waited. The wait was serious o. Only for me to call some minutes to midnight to find out he was actually asleep. Chaaaiiiii.
‘Babe wait, I was trying to call you and ended up falling asleep… Please smile for me… I’m sorry please. ‘
I forgave him.
The following day, same thing happened. But this time around, Karma was really a bitch. I fell asleep waiting. You know how 6:30pm can look like 10pm here na. I waited, then fell asleep. Funny thing was that he called like 20minutes later, but u was dead to the world.
By the time I picked after three hours of 30mins interval, he was saying,
‘So you are trying to revenge right? ‘
We’ve sorted our issues now though.


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