Orientation and Sensitisation (SDG)

At service delivery, our core values are effectiveness, positive attitudinal change, and checks & balance.

The relevance of our group can not be overemphasized. As it touches all walks of life. Services are necessary as its a pillar of success. So it should be delivered how exactly it should, when due, and at the expected quality level.

Being humane is another reason for Service Delivery Group(SDG), to serve as a reminder, aligner, trainer and positive agent of change. Considering the forgetful nature of man.

In the regard of the aforementioned, The SDG CDS Kano State is organizing a State-wide Orientation and Sensitization Program for Secondary School Students in Kano State.

Date: 17/11/2016
Venue: Government Secondary School, Gwale.
Time: 9:00 am prompt.

Topics to be discussed includes;
– Time management,
– Discipline,
– Drug abuse,
– Entrepreneurship,
– Impact of social media on youths.
Side attractions includes: Stage drama and other entertainment.

Host: Hajia Auwa Liman

Make it a date to come volunteer and contribute to the next generation.

images (2).jpg


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