EMV training at FGC Kano by NEMA CDS Group


FGC Kano students at the EMV


A class demonstration on how to place a victim in recovery position at FGC Kano


Cultural and Theatre Arts Troupe In Fours

We are back from Katsina. We thank God for taking us there safely and we competed in dance, drama and comedy. However, eight (8) different states competed in all the competition, we came 4th in drama, 4th in comedy and 7th in dance. We thank God for journey mercy back to Kano. Here are some of the pictures we snapped during the competition.


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Books and poems

Scented buds, an anthology by Kano Teens

Scent is beauty. The beauty that rules a certain psychological inclination we often have with the society. Thus, making us feel the crawl of incompleteness when not garbed in a “sweet smell” that registers our presence and gives us a distinct stance amongst friends and foes alike wherever we might be.
An Indian mystic known as Ramakrishna once said that, “the fabled musk deer searches the world over for the source of the scent that comes from itself”. In a bid to reach perfection, Artists in some cases could distort an art work which pleases the taste buds of connoisseurs only to bring forth an image deeply buried in their minds alone. The beauty of the sea is in its ripples but we are often thrilled by it’s calmness.

Scented buds is an anthology of poems and short stories published by the Corp members of Education development and ICT community development service (CDS) group Kano for the secondary school students following a one-day creative writing workshop they organized for the teens in November 2016. It is a book of fifty pages with 26 poems and 16 prose works. These two genre are put into two parts in the book with the poems coming first while the prose works follow.
It is however a thing to note that the ironic depiction of ‘buds’ with ‘chicks’ on the cover page is a masterpiece. Unlike the norm of having ‘plants’ as a direct representation for ‘buds’, The reader is met upon arrival with chicks struggling to break out from their shells(indeed, the corp members have brought these kids out from their shy shells). These chicks are expressed on the cover page as frail and lost subjects which aptly captures the situation the kids were met. The correlation of the title and the book art can’t be queried as there’s a beautiful romance between the two.


SCENTED which is pictorially represented with a mother-hen seen diligently guarding her chicks and serving as a guide to them through whatever appears grey to the chicks that are just initiated into a new ‘world’. There couldn’t have been a better metaphorical stance between the Mother-hen and the Corp members.

BUDS: The choice of having chicks instead of plants is a creativity to be applauded even though the line of thought is same. A bud breaks the soil to sprout and thus, breaking it’s own shell. A chick breaks it’s shell to become a ‘bud’. Therefore, the inline connection that exist between the title and the art would take more than just aesthetical appreciation to decipher.

The poems even though simply written, exude thoughts that outweighs the age of these authors. The first poem in the collection which is written by a jss 2 Tijjani Ibrahim of School for Arabic studies is a beauty to be parceled. He titled it ‘My Soyinka’
“Musa is a friend”/ Here, the writer takes us into his line of friends and has something to say about a certain ‘musa’/pg1/v1

“The best amongst all friends”
“He’s got a knack to learn”
“To read all books”
Written With Words
“From page ‘A’ to ‘Z’ “/ The writer makes us understand in this piece that, He’s chosen musa as his best friend because musa reads everything that’s got words in it. The writer is then very selective of who becomes his friend because he’s aware that the friends one keep defines his attitude and how he relates with the society. It is a good thing that he’s keeping a friend that’s obsessed with books. This could have been the reason behind the choice of his title.

Maryam Abdullahi Yunusa in her 3-line poem made me immediately call my mother to recite her the piece. This lass beautifully said everything about her mother in the poem she called “Mom”

“You are the sweetest sweet”/ my taste bud couldn’t muster enough sweet to make me know how it’ll taste. But the little I summoned was enough to make me imagine the sweetness that’s embedded in the verse.
“My endeared land of happiness”
“Never tired nor torn by life’s tide”/ we all have things to say about our mothers, But Maryam said everything in 3 lines. One other thing about this child is her ability to drag her reader into her emotions. This is seen in her 2nd poem titled “my love”

“Your love is sweeter than a thousand dove”/verse3/pg7
Her ability in simple metaphors is her forte.
“Oh mother!”
“My love for you”
“Creates cascading oasis in my eyes”
The kid in her 2 poems obviously showed the bond that lives between herself and her mother. Indeed, The future for Maryam Abdullahi can best be imagined if the tempo is sustained.

img-20170228-wa0037When our dreams are cut short by death, who do we blame? In the piece written by Latifa Sani Abdullahi of floral international, she leaves the reader dampened with sober emotions. Her poem which she called “shield” is a dirge in its entirety.
“You guarded me from spears”/v1/pg25
“Spared me the wrath of whip”/v2/pg25
“Come home mother”/v7/pg25
“You’ve slept much already”/v8/pg25
The fluidity of her enjambment is stunning. She is a keen observer of nature to have succeeded in creating a metaphor of “slept” instead of “death” at her age. Isn’t sleep another form of death?

Looking at the prose works, the kid told their stories in a nonfictional way. Most of the writings gushed out with traces of the writers in them. Writings like.. “And I fulfilled a part of my deen” of Zainab Isah Abba of Sahib science school talked about the teenager’s experience and excitement when she memorized the holy Qur’an.
“Dirge to my icon of icons” is another nonfictional piece written by Aisha Ahmad bukar of AB reward schools. The piece brought to fore the anguish this child faced as a result of the death of her father. It is scary that these children remind us of our eminent demise. Someday, our switch will be turned off by the one who owns us.

These kids took me on a tour into a world that amazed me. Kano should be proud of the young writers in its core.

Scented buds justifies every purpose its been created for and will for a long while be cuddled by the teens and anybody that runs into it.


Musa yunus is a Batch A corp member presently serving in kano and the Cds leader of Education development and ict group. He’s from minna in Niger state and an active member of Association of Nigerian Authors(ANA). He studied Surveying & Geoinformatics. He’s a lover of art.









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A big kudos to the Agroallied CDS  group.


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It was a memorable day as the Editorial CDS group of Batch A Corp members organized a first of its kind Creative writing seminar for students across several public and private schools in Kano.
The event which took place at School of Arabic Studies Kano was graced by several dignatories amongst which Dr. Bala Muhammad and a number of young excellent writers.

Participants were drawn from the 9 schools in attendance. They were; Ar Raihan International school, Flora international school, Citadel international school, Muhammed Vice International school, Millenium Model school, First grade international school, Sahib science Academy, AB Reward international school and School of Arabic studies.

Upon the commencement of the event, the President of Educational development CDS Musa Yunus made it known that the event was inspired by the need for secondary students to inculcate the culture of writing. He made mention that the initiative aims at inspiring burgeoning writers in school in Kano through appropriate showcasing of their write ups. Citing examples of youngsters who have written meaning works of literature in Niger state, Musa noted that he has the strong believe that the students in Kano can even do better and get to an enviable state.

An interesting part of his speech was the reinforcement of the commitment by the CDS to ensure that the top ranking write-ups from the students will be printed in the daily trust newspaper. A thought which was also echoed by Dr. Bala Muhammad.

Speaking with the schedule officer of the group Mr. Gwadabe, he pointed out that the ‘Reach out to a child’ initiative is a novelty meant to inspire students to develop a zeal for writing literary materials such as poems, prose, drama and all kinds of fictive and non-fictive writing.
The chairman and leading judge of the event, Dr. Bala Muhammad in his speech lauded the effort of the CDS group saying it was worth emulating by others. Having opined this, he went to give thoughtful advise to the students saying they must first develop their love for reading as this will help widen their horizon and consequently make them insightful and writers.
He gave an example of himself as young lad who had a strong love for reading stating that he was able to exhaust all books in the primary section of the Kano Library as a young boy.
After speeches, the students were subsequently grouped under specific writers available at the event for monitoring with Dr. Bala as the lead supervisor.

In the end, a plethora of written materials were collected from the students to the delight of the judges and other dignitaries present. The writings will be marked and the winners announced before the end of the year.


Click on reach-out-to-a-child-newest (doc)  for images.

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a black Sudanese kid drowning
in the largeness of his pants
weaves a basket of history
with the facial hair of his ancestors
just to make ends meet.
while a group of tourists take photographs of him,
soldering them to words. their intentions scorch
like vapors of boiling water

Written by Olajide Ajise (Batch A, 2016) for Za Kano Kofas and can be contacted via mail (jidecent@yahoo.com)

CDS: Education Development Group

You can send your articles via nysckanoeditorialcds@gmail.com

Bumps and Grinds

Fred had not spent two days in PH city when we started having challenges. I for one love communicating and talking even about the ant that carried sugar past me while the housefly was taunting it.
After a long hard day, I would want to talk, he would pick up the call, tell me he’s in a meeting or engaged in a business deal and would call back soon. I’m very understanding o, I’ll let him be.
The first night, I waited and waited and waited. The wait was serious o. Only for me to call some minutes to midnight to find out he was actually asleep. Chaaaiiiii.
‘Babe wait, I was trying to call you and ended up falling asleep… Please smile for me… I’m sorry please. ‘
I forgave him.
The following day, same thing happened. But this time around, Karma was really a bitch. I fell asleep waiting. You know how 6:30pm can look like 10pm here na. I waited, then fell asleep. Funny thing was that he called like 20minutes later, but u was dead to the world.
By the time I picked after three hours of 30mins interval, he was saying,
‘So you are trying to revenge right? ‘
We’ve sorted our issues now though.


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